NEW YEAR, NEW PROGRAMS: Suite Options, LoopNet

Fully-furnished and functional:  now available on a share basis

Fully-furnished and functional: now available on a an office-share basis

Suite options.  Companies eager to take advantage of the growing trade and commerce between the U.S. and Mexico are realizing the importance of having an immediate presence in the region.   

Several of these are small companies who don’t want to make an immediate, long-term or large leasing commitment to begin with.  That’s why The Americas Trade & Commerce’s (TAC) new Suite Options program is ideal.

“This  program is modeled after a growing number of medical offices, where specialists may occupy them for a day or two a week and move around to treat patients in different regions.”  explains TAC leasing manager David Jeong, adding that these rates can be one third the rate of what a full-time, permanent office would lease for on a monthly basis.  Daily rates are also available.

This “time-sharing” option is available for certain designated offices in the TAC’s Executive Suite section.   Up to four professionals may independently share a fully-furnished and professionally-decorated office, bringing in their laptops/pads and files with them on each visit.  Optionally, the tenant can make arrangements to store  materials in a private, secure cabinet in the Suites copy center between visits.

Jeong adds: “With the high-speed internet, complete A/V system, copy center and large conference area, all you really need is your mobile phone to enjoy the “suite” life.”  

For more details on this program and to schedule Suites, call 520-287-4174, or email

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logoHolidayJoining the largest commercial real estate listing network.   The TAC is proud to have recently joined the world’s largest online listing networks for commercial leasing professionals, LoopNet  and Comcast/Showcase .  Potential tenants and leasing agents alike can check out building details and leasing rate updates at:



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