SPECIAL EVENT: Summer Concert

Concert at TACOnce again, The Americas Trade Center is lending its acoustically-superior lobby for an upcoming music recital.   Entitled Music & Miracles, the event benefits the St. Andrew’s  Children Clinic (which specializes in uniting U.S. and Mexico doctors by providing annual free cleft-lip surgeries for kids.  Learn more at:  http://standrewsclinic.org

Taking place at our building on August 17th at 7PM, the two-day venue will feature renowned local and “imported” musical talent, including Pianists Evan Kory and Christopher Allen, Tenor Joshua Guerrero and Baritone Len Hernandez.

The concert is jointly-sponsored by our building’s managing partners, CPAs Jeong-Lizardi and other leading local businesses, and will focus on favorite classical pieces ideal for a summer evening.  Appetizers and refreshments will also be included in the $50 ticket price.

This event is selling out fast, so be sure to reserve tickets today by calling:  520-648-3242, 520-281-2780, or 604-0557.  Or, come by our building management office (Jeong-Lizardi, on the Mezzanine level) to learn more.

Our Executive Suites will be open for tours on the 17th, so do come by and say hello during the intermission!


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