TENANT PROFILE: Broker helps understand Obamacare

Maria Frisby, CLU, ChFC, CIC,  president of Frisby Insurance

Maria Frisby, CLU, ChFC, CIC, president of Frisby Insurance

One of the first tenants we welcomed to our brand new Executive Suites was Frisby Insurance.  In business since the late 1970s,  Frisby Insurance, which also has offices in Tucson, represents the personal care and attention to detail that is the hallmark of top service practitioners.

Importantly, as an independent broker, they represent your needs, not those of the insurance companies.  With the new national health plan (The Affordable Health Care Act, known as “Obamacare”) a puzzle to so many, the brokerage has been very busy lately helping clients understand the law and ensure they enroll in the right plan.

We caught up with agency principal Maria Frisby about her extensive experience and how best to tackle the challenges of the new law.

Q:  Maria, first, how did you get into this business, and why?

A:  I obtained my Life & Health Insurance license in 1978 thanks to a close friend’s encouragement, but I always had a very strong belief in insurance.  My Dad had a life insurance policy when he died at 49, and I saw how critical it was to our family to have that safeguard.

Q:  It sounds like you derive a lot of  satisfaction from your career.  What makes you stand apart from other brokers?

A:   I find it very rewarding to advise people on how to make wise decisions, and I am proud to say I go out of my way to help our clients.

Q:  Who are your typical clients?

A:  Most of my clients are small business owners and have  individual polices.

Q: What are you recommending clients do with regard to enrolling in the the new healthcare program?

A:  My first recommendation is to be patient.  It is a huge project, and it’s going to take time to adjust to it.  My second recommendation is to become informed.  It is a complicated plan, and the right choices  need to be made.

Q:  Do you recommend folks come in an discuss the various options with you first before enrolling, and what are some of the pitfalls they might encounter?

A:  The first thing is to ensure that  someone can explain the differences from plan to plan, compare the benefits of each to determine what is best for the individual, because it’s not going to be “one size fits all.”  The most common mistake people do is chose the lowest premium.  When they have a claim, then they find out they don’t have adequate benefits.  Another important point is checking  the network of doctors and facilities in your area.

Frisby Insurance is now taking appointments to help folks navigate this complex new insurance law.  You can reach Maria or her agents/assistants directly at The Americas Center in  Nogales at 520-761-4688 or in Tucson at 520-622-1595, or email maria@frisbyinsurance.com.  Also, check out their website at http://frisbyinsurance.com.


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