NEW LAUNCH: Local economic development board, site

Presentation2The summer has brought accelerated activities in the City of Nogales in preparation for the grand opening of the remodeled Mariposa Port later this fall.

The improved U.S. economy  has also brought  increased interest in the border area benefits.  Our region has also been benefiting directly from the impressive growth of the Mexican economy and the thousands of shoppers and businesspeople who cross our borders daily.

As the region’s only Class A office complex, The Americas Center Executive Suites marketing staff has been directly involved in the City’s new Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Board.   The 15-member group of representatives from both U.S. and Mexico manufacturing (maquiladoras), services, produce, hospitality and the general community have been busy these past months developing exciting new resources for our region.   These include:

  • Dedicated economic development web page.  The City has launched a special  Economic Development web page with general information for existing and relocating businesses (photo above).  You can link to it here:
  • Area Resource Guide.  This will be a “one-stop” tool — similar in scope to the Tucson one (see previous post) — focused on specific information for businesses and residents relocating to the area.  It will address the questions asked by many of our prospective tenants, such as building land availability and costs, permit and licensing process, financial and tax advantages, plus a lot more.
  • Border Case Study & Satisfaction Survey.  An important element in the relocating decision-making process, these landmark perception studies will provide direct  insight into what works well and what is still needed to make the region even more attractive.

Be sure to check back with us for news about these activities as they are being finalized.  For more information, plus direct access to the resources listed and special upcoming Suite benefits, contact our marketing department at 1-877-281-9305.


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